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My Personal Headshop Product Reveiws
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"Iolite Herbal Vaporizer Reveiw"  -  


I love this thing! It is small and compact, and resembles a cell phone. You can easily disguise this as if you are chewing on a cell phone antennae. Imagine walking through the mall while you burn one. It's possible with this little device. The only drawback of this machine is that it has the tendency to get hot if you keep it in your pocket, and it needs to be refilled with butane. This however, is a minimal expense.


I personally use it with a ¼” clear plastic tube slid onto the mouthpiece. It helps to cool the vapor considerably, allowing for a very smooth draw. I have owned this since it first came out under a different name. Unbeknownst to the company, the name was trademarked, so now it goes by IOLITE. I give it 4 of 5 stars.

Iolite Herbal Vaporizer

Formula 420 Body Cleanser Review
Formula 420® Body Clean™ Maximum Strength-Advanced Rapid Cleanser is the ultimate cleansing product for individuals of larger mass or with higher levels of toxins in their system, who may need extra power for superior cleansing. It’s thinner consistency and great taste make it easier-to-drink. 


This stuff works! Period. I am a serious partaker of all things green ;-) We have so many people coming into my shops that want me to guarantee something works, but I wouldn't. I won't BS someone just to make a buck. So I tried our already popular product “Formula 420 Body Clean" and tested myself with a high quality test kit.


     I'm 210 pounds and I would say I'm a chronic partaker. I got clean without a hitch! Pick up a test kit at the link below and then click the "Body Cleaners" tab under the lifestyle section. Pick up a bottle now! It never hurts to have one on hand. The last thing you want to do is try to jump through hoops at the last minute. Throw a bottle in your glove box and be prepared!

Marijuana Urine Test Kit, Lab Approved from.