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Typically head shops are a profitable field to be in. Wholesale prices vary quite a bit. One can find very cheap prices when buying from overseas. You must be careful to research the company prior to sending money. Scams are more prevalent in the purchase of paraphernalia due to the gray area of legality.

It also depends heavily on the demographic of your area. If you are in a high traffic area, and your clientele has the money to spend, you can expect to make 50% profit average. Keep in mind that some items can make 2-300% while others are around 10-20%. The key is to continuously seek out the lowest distributers, and play them against each other.  One can expect to make less then 30K the first year and grow by 20% per year on averge. A solid customer base and decent profit margin can earn a Entrepreneur upwards of $100,000 per year. one of the best things about a headshop is that the are easy to run. Once a solid distributor base is developed, it is very easy to expand into different neighborhoods.

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