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Legal Hurdles when Starting Head Shop


           Typically headshops are in a legal limbo. This is perhaps the biggest downfall of opening a headshop. Many partakers of recreational drugs attempt to open a headshop and bring unnecessary heat upon themselves. One must be very careful to separate work and play. Take your job seriously and remember that owning a business, even one as great as a headshop, is serious business.

Checking local laws is imperative to succeeding in this world. Paying a lawyer to check local laws is more important than any step in this process. To get shut down, fined or even put in jail after signing a lease, buying inventory and remodeling a storefront can be financially devastating.  Your store can cater to legal and illegal 
drugs it is imperative that drugs are NEVER spoken of within the store. Place signs in the entrance, stating loud and clear, that the intentions of the store are strictly legal. In no way is any talk about illegal substances permitted. Inform your employees of this, and have them sign a contract stating that they are aware of this, and will be held financially responsible for their actions.


           Depending on your location, drug paraphernalia can be illegal, while in others, it’s fine. In many states it depends on the language used around, and about, the paraphernalia. Still, it is better to be on the safe side. Insist what you sell is for legal use and is intended for tobacco and legal herbs.


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